General product type
Since Huygens Optics only makes parts based on client specifications, we generally do not have parts with standard dimensions in stock. Based on your specifications, the following types of products can be made.

Custom optical windows
Huygens Optics can make accurate optical windows of various materials, such as float glass, borosilicate glass, quartz and glass ceramics. Windows can be round, square, or with custom angles, roundings, notches or holes. If required by the application, windows can be ground and polished to achieve better surface properties.

Existing windows can be modified in size or shape. Generally, this is also possible for windows that already have a special coating applied. A condition is that the coating is resistant to water and to specific apolar solvents.

Parts of glass and glass ceramics
Based on a design specification, parts of glass and glass ceramics can be produced. Existing parts can be modified to meet customer requirements. If you do not have the required expertise to make a complete technical design yourself, Huygens Optics can do this for you as well. Based on a simple sketch, we can supply you with a complete technical design, including drawings with dimensions and tolerances.

Custom lenses and mirrors
For making custom optical components, several machines ar available, such as a CNC-radius grinder, a polishing machina, an optical centering machine, and all the required tooling and materials. Currently, the maximum diameter for concave and convex optics is approx 130mm, for flat optics it is approx 300mm.

Since lenses (as well as optical windows) require special tooling to manufacture, in is generally not possible to make single pieces economically. The minimum amount for a specific component is approx 10-50 pieces, dependent on the type of product.

Due to the bankrupcy of DRELLO Germany, Huygens Optics is no longer representing DRELLO for the Dutch market. The stroboscope activities of DRELLO have been bought by ELMED. You can find a limited amount of DRELLO stock products on this page.

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Accurate glass-ceramic spacers

Detailed internal and external structures