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Technical consultancy
Every company has the need to innovate and faces it's own specific challenges in the process. In some occasions, the best solutions might be outside the knowledge base of the company, and therfore not considered. It can therefore be a great advantage to involve someone in the process that has a broad overview of of available disciplines and materials. In this way innovation solutions otherwise ignored, might find their way into your solution.

My name is Jeroen Vleggaar and I have a background in both physics and chemistry. I have worked in many different disciplines for companies such as Philips Research, Ford Automotive, Uniax (Dupont Displays), Mapper Lithography and various software developers.

The last 15 years, I have mainly been been active as an entrepreneur and have been indepentently developing software, producing astronomical optics and worked as a designer and engineer. Due to my diverse background, I have extensive knowledge of photolithography (both optical and e-beam), thin-film technology, functional design and software development. I'm always looking for innovating ways in which current products can be improved.

Due to my overview of materials, processes and technology in general, I can easily communicate with researchers, technicians, software developers, or mechanical / optical designers. I can make suggestions that transcend individual disciplines. With a hands-on approach, I like to focus on solutions that can actually be realised in daily production. This can be indepentently, as well as part of a multi-disciplinary team. It goes without saying that confidentiality regarding your information is a key aspect in this process.

The consultance can be organised in several different ways: it can be remotely from Hilversum on an "ad-hoc" basis, or can be on location for several days per week for a longer period of time.

Feel free to contact me to discover whether I can mean something for your organization.

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