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Always wanted to make your own telescope mirror? Here is your chance. Huygens Optics offers telescope mirror blanks in various dimensions from stock.

All items below are in stock and available for immediate shipping!

All blanks with a thickness over 25.4mm are made from Schott Supremax, a low expansion borosilicate glass with very low stress levels. Blanks 25.4mm and thinner, are made from Borofloat 33. Borofloat 33 has the same mechanical and thermal properties as Supremax. However an advantage of borofloat is that the surface is much smoother than that of Supremax and thus needs less grinding to create a flat surface. For more information on surface roughness of Borofloat and Supremax, see the specs sheets of Borofloat-33 and Supremax.

Pricelist of round Schott Borofloat / Supremax telescope blanks
(all prices are in Euros and include 21% VAT)

Dimensions (in mm)
diameter x thickness
Material Price (Euro's) Remarks
155 x 20.5 borofloat-33 38,-
205 x 25,4 borofloat-33 64,-
255 x 25.4 borofloat-33 95,-
299 x 25.4 borofloat-33 104,-
314 x 40.2 Supremax 380,-
355 x 34.9 Supremax 350,- flattened one side
400 x 21.0 borofloat-33 186,-
400 x 25.4 borofloat-33 225,-
455 x 47.6 Supremax 828,-
505 x 47.6 Supremax 1005,-

All prices include 21% VAT but exclude shipping costs to your location.

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